Once upon a time


My name is Alice. I am both English and French and have always lived in Paris. I am vegetarian, passionate for fashion and a real ‘fleur bleue’.
One fateful day, I met a Frenchman from Le Mans. He likes pork rinds, he’s passionate for political economics and he doesn’t like Valentine’s Day…
Nonetheless, our dreams brought us closer, the evidence emerged and WHOOSH we got married!
In February 2012 came the birth of our little boy, Ezra, which turned our lives upside down.

One year later, another big change: we were moving to London! I put aside my career in TV journalism and went to live where my mother was born, and where half of my family still lives today. My biculturalism could finally blossom and my son would now have the chance to live in London whilst maintaining his French identity.
I wanted a new life in this new town; I wanted to be the woman and mother I’d always dreamed of becoming. And I wanted to create my universe, open my little shop…
It was time for me to emerge.

Today I want to offer Londoners a warm nest, a rich and poetic universe for them to lodge in. A place where kids and families can come together, relax and have fun.
A place which is neither exclusively for the English or the French, but rather a place where the languages mix, the cultures intertwine. A snapshot of London itself.

And thus was born the idea behind Cuckoo Hibou!!

The Hibou family

A story in itself

Hibou Mom

She is super trendy and keeps in shape by fluttering from tree to tree and joining our sporty activities.

Hibou Dad

A wise old owl who knows much about many things. He has a passion for History… and also for our Cafe’s French cakes!

Little Hibou

Isn’t he lively! He loves to dress up and invent stories filled with knights and dragons. He loves to meet his friends every week for his weekly activity !

Baby Hibou

She will always giggle when Papa Hibou pulls faces but, to Maman’s detriment, she still doesn’t sleep during the whole night! ! She loves to sing and perform in our ballet and music classes !